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The Steam version is out now. Buying here will also guarantee you a Steam key. The non-Steam and Android version here will be updated soon to match the Steam version.
Please note that there is an updated Demo version available on Steam.

Patterna is a logic puzzle game inspired by HexCells.

"The execution is perfect." - Gaming on Linux

Each level of the game consists of a network of nodes (a graph). It is your job to figure out which of these nodes are part of the pattern and which are not. To help you achieve this goal, each node may carry information that uses reachability, distance, or color to constrain which nodes are pattern nodes.

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Demo: The demo has been updated with a completely new tutorial (see below for download links). It does not include the random level generator, the level editor, and most of the premade levels (plus the ability to load custom levels).


  • Procedurally generated levels, with plenty of options for the random generator
  • Satisfying puzzle solving: Gameplay inspired by HexCells
  • No guessing needed: All levels are provably solvable and have a unique solution
  • More than 70 hand made levels, plus a tutorial
  • Level Editor
  • Extensive gameplay statistics
  • Optional scoring system

Android Version: The Android version has been developed for tablet devices only. In theory it should work on phones, too, but the UI is not optimized for that case.

Recommended System Requirements: Windows / Mac / Linux, 1024MB RAM, dual core processor, OpenGL3 capable graphics card

Minimum System Requirements: 512MB RAM, OpenGL2 capable graphics card or integrated graphics processor (use --force-opengl argument), reasonably recent processor (but really anything that has been produced in the last 12 years should suffice).


Soundtrack by Alex Cottrell (Web / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud)

Visual Design by Chantal Horeis (Web / Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr)

Design and Programming by Sebastian Schöner (contact me)


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Patterna Linux 57 MB
Patterna Mac 57 MB
Patterna Windows 64bit 45 MB
Patterna Windows 32bit (download this if unsure) 44 MB
Patterna Android (for tablets only) 52 MB

Download demo

Patterna Demo Linux (Not up-to-date) 57 MB
Patterna Demo Mac (Not up-to-date) 57 MB
Patterna Demo Windows 64bit (Not up-to-date) 45 MB
Patterna Demo Windows 32bit (Not up-to-date) 44 MB
Patterna Demo Android (for tablets only) 52 MB